The construction of BICMR is funded by Chinese government and Peking University.

The total office area is about 7000 m^2. Also the running cost and research fund of BICMR is also mainly from the State through the Education Ministry.

BICMR runs its academic activities either independently or in association with other institutions, including those in higher education, especially with School of Mathematical Sciences, Peking University.

BICMR’s goal is to build a world-class mathematical center for research and training young talents ; to bring up a new generation of leading mathematicians of world class in China; to strengthen the application of mathematics to sciences and practical fields; to promote research and education level of mathematics in Peking University, as well as all over China.

The center’s academic Council on the boards is in charge of the talents recruitment and academic activities, of which the members are from both domestic and international renowned mathematicians. The Executive Board is responsible for the routine work in Centre. The Center has 18 tenured senior positions, many positions with term up to 5 years for faculty and 10 staffs, plus numerous visitors who attend our scientific programs.