Complex Geometry and Algebraic Geometry

Scientific Objective

Recently, there has been exciting progress in both complex geometry and algebraic geometry, such as the breakthrough in the Minimal Model Program and the very recent complete solution of Yau-Tian-Donaldson conjecture for the existence problem of Kähler-Einstein metrics.

The purpose of the conference is to bring together an international group of leading experts with complementary backgrounds from differential geometry, in particular complex geometry, and algebraic geometry, so that they can report their work and suggest further problems and thus foster interaction and collaboration between researchers in diverse subfields.

List of Speakers
  • Valery Alexeev (University of Georgia)
  • Claudio Arrezo (ICTP, Italy)
  • Arend Bayer (University of Edinburgh)
  • Bo Berndtsson (Chalmers University of Technology)
  • Lawrence Ein (UIC)
  • Philippe Eyssidieux (Institut Fourier – Université Joseph Fourier)
  • Qi-an Guan (Peking University)
  • Jun-Muk Hwang (KIAS)
  • Sławomir Kołodziej (Jagiellonian University)
  • Chi Li(Stony Brook)
  • Toshiki Mabuchi (Osaka University)
  • Davesh Maulik (Columbia University)
  • Ngaiming Mok (University of Hong Kong)
  • Sean Timothy Paul (University of Wisconsin)
  • Mihai Paun (KIAS)
  • Lei Ni (University of California)
  • Yann Rollin (Universite de Nantes)
  • Yanir Rubinstein (University of Maryland)
  • Jian Song (Rutgers University)
  • Jeff Viaclovsky(University of Wisconsin)
  • Weiping Zhang (Nankai University)
  • Zhenlei Zhang (Capital Normal University)
  • Kang Zuo (Johannes Gutenberg-Universitat Mainz)
Organization Committees
  • Gang Tian (Chairman, Beijing International Center for Mathematical Research and Princeton University)
  • Jiayu Li (The University of Science and Technology of China)
  • James McKernan (MIT and University of California, San Diego)
  • Yuguang Shi (Peking University)
  • Chenyang Xu (Beijing International Center for Mathematical Research)
  • Xiaohua Zhu (Peking University)