Frontiers of Computation Applied Mathematic

The goal of this conference is to provide a platform for bringing the world’s leading experts to BICMR to present recent advances and discuss future directions in the broad area of computational and applied mathematics.

It will also provide an opportunity for junior to mid-career researchers to present their works through invited talks. The conference will aim to promote communications and collaborations among participants in the future. The theme of the conference will be but not limited to the following topics: multi-scale and stochastic modeling and computation with applications to fluids, material science and soft condensed matter, chemistry, biology, imaging science and data analysis, PDE and applied analysis. All these topics present challenges as well as excellent research opportunities to mathematicians.


Oct 21 – Oct 25, 2011


Beijing International Center
for Mathematical Research,
Peking University, Beijing China


(+86 10) 6274 4133


Hongkai Zhao
UC Irvine, USA


Weinan E
Princeton University, USA and Beijing International Center for Mathematical Research, China

Jinchao Xu
Pennsylvania State University, USA

Pingwen Zhang
Peking Universtiy, China

Hongkai Zhao
UC Irvine, USA