International Conference on Groups and Algebra

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International Conference on Groups and Algebra
Cum National Group Discussion Conference
Commemorating the 100th Anniversary of Academician Duan Xuefu’s Birth
June 26-30, 2014
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Conference Steering Committee
Honorary Chairman
Professor Ding Shisun

Academician Wan Zhexian

Committee member
Professor Ding Shisun, Professor Li Huiling, Professor Meng Daoji,
Professor Shi Shengming, Academician Wan Zhexian, Professor Wang Efang,
Academician Xi Nanhua, Professor Xiao Jie, Professor Xu Mingyao

Conference Organizing Committee
Professor Wang Jie

Committee member
Professor Fang Xingui, Professor Feng Rongquan, Professor Li Caiheng,
Professor Liu Huarong, Professor Wang Jie, Professor Wang Lizhong,
Professor Song Chunwei, Professor Xu Maozhi, Professor Zhang Jiping