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“The Third International Symposium on Groups, Algebras and related topics in Beijing, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Journal of Algebra” will take place at Peking University from Monday June 10 to Sunday June 16, 2013.

The conference aims to cover all aspects of algebra with some emphasis on group theory. In 1984, Professor Hsio-Fu Tuan organized at Peking University an “International Symposium on Group Theory” . Then in 1996, the second was organized by Professors Shengming Shi and Jiping Zhang at Capital Normal University. This conference, the third in the series of symposiums on group theory in Beijing, will be organized along similar lines to previous events in this series. As this conference is dedicated to 50th anniversary of the “Journal of Algebra”, the conference name is changed accordingly. The proceedings of the conference will be thus published in the “Journal of Algebra”. The one-hour invited talks of the Symposium will be a “colloquium type”: pedagogical, understandable by the most of algebraists ( and also hopefully accessible to postgraduate students and postdoctoral fellows).

Please address your inquiries to Professor Lizhong Wang:

School of Mathematical Sciences,
Peking University, Beijing, China 100871

Phone: + (86 10) 6275-6393

Jiping Zhang (Chair)
Peking University, China

Michel Broue
University of Paris Diderot, Paris 7, France

B. Keller
University of Paris Diderot, Paris 7, France

M. Rosso
École Normale Supérieure – Paris, France

R. Rouquier
UCLA, USA & Oxford, UK

Changchang Xi
Capital Normal University, China