Workshop on Systems Biology

Scientific Objective

Systems biology has become an emerging approach to biological and biomedical scientific research in the recent past decade, and attracted much attention of scientists in various areas.The workshop includes a series of plenary talks, a round-table meeting with focus on undergraduate/graduate education, and poster presentations. It provides a cross-disciplinary forum for diverse researchers to show recent research findings in experimental, computational and theoretical aspects of systems biology.

Call for Contributed Posters

The workshop invites about 20 poster presentations with a deadline July 1st, 2014. Please email your poster to

List of Speakers
  • Mark Alber (University of Notre Dame)
  • Patrick Charnay (Ecole Normale Superieure)
  • Cheng-Ming Chuong (University of Southern California)
  • Tim Elston (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)
  • James Ferrell (Standford University)
  • Alex Hoffmann (University of California, San Diego)
  • Arthur Lander (University of California, Irvine)
  • Andre Levchenko (Yale University)
  • Herbert Levine (Rice University)
  • Doron Levy (University of Maryland)
  • Jianpeng Ma (Rice University)
  • Philip Maini (Oxford University)
  • Jose Onuchic (Rice University)
  • Hans Othmer (University of Minnesota)
  • Qi Ouyang (Peking University)
  • Chao Tang (Peking University)