BICMR and IBS-CGP have signed an MOU

On November 11, 2015, Beijing International Center for Mathematics Research (BICMR) and Korea Institute of Basic Sciences Geometry and Physics Research Center (IBS-CGP) signed a memorandum of cooperation. The two sides decided to build a platform to enhance the relationship between Chinese and Korean mathematicians Cooperation and exchanges. Professor Tian Gang, director of Beijing International Mathematics Research Center, and Professor Yong-Geun Oh, director of Geometry and Physics Research Center of Korea Institute of Basic Science, signed the memorandum on behalf of both parties. The cooperation content mainly includes: exchanges and visits between scholars, academic resource sharing, joint academic activities, joint training of talents, etc.

This cooperation plan will further improve the level of foreign exchange and cooperation in the mathematics subject of Peking University, and make the Beijing International Mathematics Research Center a more open and international academic exchange platform.