BICMR Party Branch was awarded the first-class funding by the Party Committee of PKU

The Organization Department of the Party Committee of Peking University recently announced the approval results of the grassroots party building innovation project of our school for the 2015-2016 academic year. The project approved by the Party Branch of the Mathematics Center was approved as a first-class project. It is also the highest funding available to all party branches of Peking University.

In this innovative project, the Mathematics Center Branch closely integrated the party building work plan with the center construction goals, and based on the full analysis of the center’s work status and personnel characteristics, it formulated the work priorities for the new school year. The central party branch will further strengthen its own construction and better play the leading and exemplary role of grassroots party organizations; combined with the characteristics that the central faculty is mainly composed of overseas returnees and mostly young people, the party branch will use the information office platform and new Media tools to strengthen the relationship with teachers and students; 2016 is the 70th anniversary of Peking University’s resumption after the victory of the Anti-Japanese War. The party branch plans to visit the beach red building or the former site of Southwest Associated University in spring and summer of 2016 to commemorate the spirit of the older generation of scholars who worked hard to learn during the war. ; And plans to cooperate with remote areas to build a love library to strengthen teachers’ understanding of national conditions.

This year, our school has a total of 107 grassroots party building innovation projects approved and funded by the school’s Party Committee Organization Department, including 3 key projects, 19 Type I projects, 29 Type II projects, and 56 Type III projects. As a young party organization, the Party Branch of the Mathematics Center has won the highest funding available to grassroots party organizations for two consecutive years, which fully reflects the importance and support of the school party committee to grassroots party building work. The Party Branch of the Mathematics Center will also continue its efforts to do a good job in party building, and strive to make greater contributions to the construction of the center and the school.